The Rebirth: A Legend

Written to Vangelis: Voices On a distant planet, hidden within the spiralling confusion of a far-off universe, stood a mysterious cave. With a mouth pointing out towards the ochre moon-rise, this entrance to the enigmatic spirit of the planet was concealed by its unmemorable exterior, yet known to all who believed in the universal magicContinue reading “The Rebirth: A Legend”

Hello ADHD!

ADHD was dancing along the street, fuelled by a creative whirlwind, when she bumped into another mind. ‘Hello, great to see you on such a busy day!’ she exclaimed excitedly, watching everything around her with such fascination she found it hard to give the new mind complete attention. ‘Good morning,’ the other mind replied inContinue reading “Hello ADHD!”

Getting Ideas Down On Paper!

The three words which define my business have never changed! Imagination, inspiration, innovation: these lead my insatiable brain to discover more as I constantly search for links between the never-ending stimuli taken in by my hungry senses! ‘I suppose that’s where it all begins. In the flicker of an idea which, like a vivid firework,Continue reading “Getting Ideas Down On Paper!”