Galaxy Brain: A Poem

Serenity a mysterycalm a desirewhich holds meaningin the minds of thosewho exist in singularlinemoving with grace ona linear bridgebetween ideasconceptsplans I hold them close like gemsas though their skillstransmitbyosmosisinto a mind which cannotrealise timein it’sincomprehensibledesignmoving to a placein a futurewhichlike a circleexists outsideof thereeverywhereallatonceor never at all My mind twists stringsFrom forgotten thingswhich constructpatternsclueslike footstepsContinue reading “Galaxy Brain: A Poem”

A Different Realm

I wrote this a few days ago in fifteen minutes of hyper-focused creativity. I really hope you enjoy it! I am always attempting to show the intricacies of our galaxy minds! The ribbons weave inside my mindCascading waterfalls of ideasFlowing like streams of possibilitiesswiftly past the jagged rocksof vicious uncertainly My mind concocts a daydreamasContinue reading “A Different Realm”

Why I 80% Loved & 20% Loathed School

I am lucky I have learnt to thrive with my random ideas as I’ve built a business which makes use of them and I know Bedford Tutor wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful without my ADHD mind. I’ve always been hyper-focused on learning and for me, school was a great outlet for my creativity. EvenContinue reading “Why I 80% Loved & 20% Loathed School”

Look, This Is Me: A Poem About ADHD

Look, This Is Me! My mind’s like a rainbowIts colours are fizzyWith pools of ideasThe desire to get busy It never stops huntingFor patterns and signsThe myriad meaningsOf words between lines It runs on a mixOf distraction and poiseA hubbub of silenceFrom cerebral noise The music’s turned upTo blot out the distractionAnd hold onto peaceInContinue reading “Look, This Is Me: A Poem About ADHD”

Hadie’s Box – The Gifts Of ADHD

Hadie looks into a grey puddle. All around, the world is blossoming with colour, love and energy, but Hadie doesn’t notice. She has seen a book discarded on the floor and desperately wants to reach down, grab the leather-bound volume and begin reading. However, something keeps stopping her. She is hyper-focused on the puddle andContinue reading “Hadie’s Box – The Gifts Of ADHD”

Enjoying Creativity!

When I was younger, I was often found lying on the floor surrounded by a myriad of art materials: pens, pencils and paints! Always told off for being untidy, even now I secretly wish I could escape to a room full of wonderfully colourful art supplies where creativity is unlimited and materials never run out!Continue reading “Enjoying Creativity!”

Getting Ideas Down On Paper!

The three words which define my business have never changed! Imagination, inspiration, innovation: these lead my insatiable brain to discover more as I constantly search for links between the never-ending stimuli taken in by my hungry senses! ‘I suppose that’s where it all begins. In the flicker of an idea which, like a vivid firework,Continue reading “Getting Ideas Down On Paper!”