End The Stigma That ALL ADHDers Do Poorly In School!

As the sun rises over an early spring landscape and my cat grooms herself atop the filing cupboard next to my desk, I ponder my life with ADHD. Since my diagnosis, I have become rather obsessed with the condition that has 37 letters in its name and even more symptoms on its diagnostic criteria. AttentionContinue reading “End The Stigma That ALL ADHDers Do Poorly In School!”

Loving My ADHD!

Having ADHD can be described as living on a permanent rollercoaster. People often ask me what it feels like to live with this unique neurology and, even though I accept there are many difficulties associated with ADHD, I do prefer to use a strength-based model when explaining how my galaxy brain functions. As a privateContinue reading “Loving My ADHD!”

Step Inside My Mind, Neurotypicals

Step inside my mind, neurotypicals, and see what goes on in there. I really wish you understood what it is like to live with this brain. Although you see a person who copes well and runs a successful business, underneath it all there is a frightened child and I wish you could see her, speakContinue reading “Step Inside My Mind, Neurotypicals”

A Hopeful Future

As Sirk staggered through the sadness of the forest, his eyes fell onto the ground below. Muddy and melancholy, like the dirt of a funeral excavation, the forest floor had the strange effect of pulling you towards it, almost as though it was a hidden black hole about to devour you in its watery clutches.Continue reading “A Hopeful Future”

Evitca’s New Normal

Written as a challenge from my friend, Kris, who wanted a story – written in a strict time limit of 45-minutes – including an enchanted forest in winter, two squirrels and a problem. An icy chill hung in the frozen air as Evitca stared up at the canopy of trees, almost obliterating the graphite-grey sky.Continue reading “Evitca’s New Normal”

What ADHD Feels Like For Me – 3 Key Features & Tips To Help You Improve!

Poor Focus & Distractibility For over 31 years, I had been masking my distractibility and I only really learnt what it meant to be ‘easily distracted’ when I researched ADHD in adults. Contrary to what many people believe, ADHD doesn’t mean you cannot focus on anything. For me, my ability to focus depends on theContinue reading “What ADHD Feels Like For Me – 3 Key Features & Tips To Help You Improve!”

Being The ‘Organised’ ADHDer

There’s no question I have ADHD. When I walk into a room, I must give off some kind of ‘ADHD Vibe’ as I have been asked countless times – most before my official diagnosis in July 2020 – if I ‘have ADHD’. My behaviour fits the DSM-5 criteria like a scarf fits a snowman andContinue reading “Being The ‘Organised’ ADHDer”

Being The Hyper Girl

‘Calm down, Annabel!’ Those three words have followed me through life like a bad smell, always there, ready, on the tips of tongues: ‘can’t you just chill out, Annabel, you never seem to relax!’ Yes, I’m the hyper girl! I’m the one who goes against the typical “girls are more inattentive so get missed more”Continue reading “Being The Hyper Girl”

Combined ADHD In The Workplace

Over the last few months, I have seen many posts on the internet dedicated to providing advice for ADHDers at work. Although I have always been a tenacious human, the monotony of an office environment soon rendered me jobless and the entrepreneurial fire, which had been burning inside me since I was a very youngContinue reading “Combined ADHD In The Workplace”

The Executive Function Fiend: Discovering My EFM!

Feeling different – it’s a strange phenomenon and not something I can easily explain on a blog post. To truly understand what it is like to have these emotions, you would need to step into my body and experience the feelings for yourself: good and bad, happy and sad. For years I felt like theContinue reading “The Executive Function Fiend: Discovering My EFM!”