Living Outside The Box

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently; I’ve been writing my ADHD-related children’s book and this has taken up most of my free time! Last night I was thinking about boxes. It isn’t strange for someone with ADHD to think of random things, but for me, there was definitely a reason for this particularContinue reading “Living Outside The Box”

Why I 80% Loved & 20% Loathed School

I am lucky I have learnt to thrive with my random ideas as I’ve built a business which makes use of them and I know Bedford Tutor wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful without my ADHD mind. I’ve always been hyper-focused on learning and for me, school was a great outlet for my creativity. EvenContinue reading “Why I 80% Loved & 20% Loathed School”

Look, This Is Me: A Poem About ADHD

Look, This Is Me! My mind’s like a rainbowIts colours are fizzyWith pools of ideasThe desire to get busy It never stops huntingFor patterns and signsThe myriad meaningsOf words between lines It runs on a mixOf distraction and poiseA hubbub of silenceFrom cerebral noise The music’s turned upTo blot out the distractionAnd hold onto peaceInContinue reading “Look, This Is Me: A Poem About ADHD”

Superhero Inside – Be Proud Of Your Fast Mind!

When I work with children, I tell them there is a superhero inside their mind who is always there, guiding them and making sure they are able to shine whatever happens. Part of their personality, the superhero stands for everything positive: happiness, success, kindness, love, respect and achievement! I find the ‘Superhero Inside’ activity worksContinue reading “Superhero Inside – Be Proud Of Your Fast Mind!”

Hadie’s Box – The Gifts Of ADHD

Hadie looks into a grey puddle. All around, the world is blossoming with colour, love and energy, but Hadie doesn’t notice. She has seen a book discarded on the floor and desperately wants to reach down, grab the leather-bound volume and begin reading. However, something keeps stopping her. She is hyper-focused on the puddle andContinue reading “Hadie’s Box – The Gifts Of ADHD”

Personifiying My ADHD Mind – Please Understand Me!

Everything is as vivid as the first flower of spring, which, like organic fire, pierces the frozen ground on its tenacious effort to feel the first rays of infant sunshine. Also, everything is cluttered like the studio of a scattered artist, who, like a tornado of insatiable creativity, tries desperately to draw linear compositions, yetContinue reading “Personifiying My ADHD Mind – Please Understand Me!”

My Favourite ADHD-Friendly Fidgets For Children & Adults

Fidget Spinner The almost ubiquitous fidget spinner, which seemed to take the world by storm a few years ago, has been largely forgotten; the plastic and metal toys are now more often than not discarded, lost under unforgiving sofas. Yet, as anyone who knows me will tell you, my fidget spinner is always close toContinue reading “My Favourite ADHD-Friendly Fidgets For Children & Adults”