Coaching & Mentoring

Chestnut ADHD Support

The Chestnut Coaching & Mentoring Programme is available to those with diagnosed or suspected ADHD in session lengths of 30 or 45 minutes. Annabel is an experienced coach and mentor and has been helping young people develop confidence and self-belief for over seven years through her private tuition and coaching business, Bedford Tutor

Since receiving her ADHD diagnosis, Annabel has been helping many other ADHDers develop skills and strategies to help them in everyday life and she hopes to continue this through Chestnut Coaching.

A trained Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, with a certificate accredited by The International Mindfulness and Meditation Association (IMMA), Annabel is also proud to have a Diploma in Life Coaching (with Distinction) as well as a Future Learn certificate in Understanding ADHD: Current Research And Practice.

What Can Annabel Help Me Achieve?

Using a mixture of coaching and mentoring, Annabel can help you gain improvements in the following areas:

  • Management & Planning
  • Self-Esteem & Relationships
  • Achieving Clearer Judgement & Reframing
  • Self Motivation
  • Time Management Skills

Why Does Annabel Coach Only ADHDers?

A proud ADHDer herself, Annabel is passionate about helping similar people achieve their dreams. Although ADHD can make certain parts of life difficult, over the years Annabel has learnt various techniques which have helped her set-up and run two businesses, as well as manage her personal life more successfully. Additionally, she is lives with an interest-driven nervous system, so structures her coaching to appeal to those with this specific brain difference. A life-long learner, Annabel is passionate about personal learning and growth, so ensures she is constantly improving the business to help as many people as possible.

Note: Although related to ADHD in some areas, Annabel doesn’t offer coaching to those who have ASD (autism spectrum disorder) as she does not have training in this area.

What Styles Of Coaching & Mentoring Does Annabel Use?

Annabel is a naturally fun-loving, colourful and spontaneous character and ensures humour is a key part of her sessions. At the induction, Annabel will find out what you want to achieve and will formulate a simple plan to ensure sessions are beneficial from start to finish.

Annabel is passionate about mindfulness and meditation and has formulated ADHD-friendly meditation techniques, as well as creative mindfulness activities. Additionally, she often uses elements of cognitive behavioural therapy to ensure clients are able to progress in their sessions.


30 Minutes of Coaching & Mentoring: £16

45-Minutes of Coaching & Mentoring: £20.

It will be up to Annabel Louise to decide which session length is most suitable for your needs.

Please enquire below if you’d like to find out more:

Please note: Chestnut ADHD Support is specially-designed for those with diagnosed or suspected ADHD and is not suitable for those with diagnosed or suspected ASD (autistic spectrum disorder).

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