My New Wobble Stool!

Yesterday, something awesome arrived at my house. Beautifully purple and terrifically tactile, my fabulous new wobble stool is just what the doctor ordered!

Now, I don’t even need to leave my desk to exercise. My legs have a workout every time I move left or right, backwards or forwards, and, for someone with ADHD, this movement is going to be pretty much continuous!

I’ve always had a somewhat poor relationship with traditional seating. I can cope for an hour or so, but my hyperactive brain is reflected in my hyperactive body and it just wants to move: discovering kinetic energy improves my focus!

As I sit here joyfully wobbling on my fabulous little stool, I think back to the days in my flexible-seated tuition room where children often had the choice to work on the floor and where a football-designed beanbag was my favourite chair. Hopefully, in the near-future, those days will return and, with my new knowledge, I’ll have the chance to set up ADHD-friendly groups where like-minded children can discover the joys of living with a unique mind in a safe and specially-equipped space.

For now, I will have to gently rock on my stool, drip-feeding my brain with dopamine and happy in the knowledge I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world.

As for stars, I’d give this little stool a 5/5 as it has already improved my life and made it possible to move around more in a sedentary job without having to buy a standing desk.

If you’d like one, you can find them on Amazon:

Published by Chestnut ADHD

Hello, I’m Annabel and my mind is like a galaxy. Diagnosed with ADHD during lockdown, since then I have made it my mission to inspire other ADHDers to see the positives of living with a ‘galaxy brain’ and educate people about what it is like living with ADHD. I run my own tutoring and coaching business, helping many children with ADHD and dyslexia, and have always been an avid amateur writer and artist. Recently, I have written a children’s book which highlights the positives of ADHD: ‘Hadie & Adah’ and I will continue to promote my drawings and blog posts – focusing on positivity and creativity – in future. I truly am proud of my galaxy mind!

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