ADHD Work Accommodations


People always ask me how I am so organised in my job and I always tell them it’s because I work for myself and have made my career ADHD-friendly. However, those who work for others may not have this level for control and it’s SO important employers understand ADHD and accommodations which can help. Firstly, I would be nowhere without all the positive feedback I get from customers; I have suffered with a low self-esteem since childhood, so need reassurance to ensure I know I am doing the right thing. Additionally, I always ensure I write things down and break large tasks into manageable chunks as I do get overwhelmed if my to-do list is too large and complex. Although my job is much more sedentary these days (I really miss my flexible-seated tuition room), I have a wobble stool and am surrounded by a myriad of colourful fidgets. Finally, I ensure I take regular breaks (even five minutes for coffee) as our brains work better if we give them times to just wander!

⭐️ Ensure employers know how to help people with ADHD! ⭐️

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Published by Chestnut ADHD

Hello, I’m Annabel and my mind is like a galaxy. Diagnosed with ADHD during lockdown, since then I have made it my mission to inspire other ADHDers to see the positives of living with a ‘galaxy brain’ and educate people about what it is like living with ADHD. I run my own tutoring and coaching business, helping many children with ADHD and dyslexia, and have always been an avid amateur writer and artist. Recently, I have written a children’s book which highlights the positives of ADHD: ‘Hadie & Adah’ and I will continue to promote my drawings and blog posts – focusing on positivity and creativity – in future. I truly am proud of my galaxy mind!

2 thoughts on “ADHD Work Accommodations

  1. Thanks for putting this together! Kind of goes with breaking down tasks, but deadlines also help. And giving ADHDers some autonomy over how they organize their work environment. For example, I focus best when I’m listening to music, so if I’m using headphones and not bothering anyone, you should probably just let me do it!


    1. That is so true. I always listen to music when I study and even though I thrive on the novel, I need my timetable to function. 💜


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