My No-Procrastination Bottle (NO-PRO-BO)

Like so many people with ADHD, I do tend to procrastinate if I am not enjoying the task in hand. Even though my business is my life, there are some things about it which I don’t enjoy, keeping up with fee reminders and general administration duties being two of them. There are also things which I do enjoy, like writing a post for this blog, but may forget to do if I become distracted by something else, so I have included these kinds of tasks too.


After much thought, I came up with an idea to help stop me procrastinating in the mornings when I have to do these mundane jobs. I am a true tactile learner so wanted something which I had to physically do, as I am much more likely to follow through and complete something if there is a tactile element to it – The No-Procrastination Bottle (or NO-PRO-BO) was born!

This is a simple idea which could be used with children of all ages, as well as us adults. It isn’t just suitable for those with ADHD, as I can imagine it appealing to anyone who wants a fun and tactile way of organising their lives and making sure important jobs get done.

How To Make

What you will need: an empty bottle (preferably glass); different coloured ribbons tied into loops which will fit over the end of the bottle; paper; a pen or pencil

  1. Stand your bottle somewhere prominent where you will see it multiple times a day – mine is on my desk as I do all of my admin there.
  2. Decide how many activities you want to achieve each day; I have seven duties and I think this is a perfect number for an adult as it is relatively easily attainable on a daily basis. For children, I would limit to 5 activities. Ensure you have the correct number of ribbons for the amount of duties.
  3. Make a list of the activities you want to achieve each day, ensuring you colour-code each one with a specific ribbon. For example, my rainbow ribbon is linked to ‘writing a blog post’, a task which I enjoy, but also want to ensure I achieve every day without fail. Place the list next to the bottle or in very close proximity.
  4. When you complete an activity, place the specific coloured ribbon on the neck of the bottle; your aim is to have put all the ribbons on the bottle by the end of the day. I always give myself a treat (usually chocolate) if I complete all my activities!
  5. If you fail to complete an activity, ensure you understand the reason why and ensure this becomes a priority in future. Over time, you may have to re-write the list of duties as your life changes, but the ribbons can be used over and over again!

I hope you enjoy this little bottle – it really has enhanced my life! 🤩

Published by Chestnut ADHD

Hello, I’m Annabel and my mind is like a galaxy. Diagnosed with ADHD during lockdown, since then I have made it my mission to inspire other ADHDers to see the positives of living with a ‘galaxy brain’ and educate people about what it is like living with ADHD. I run my own tutoring and coaching business, helping many children with ADHD and dyslexia, and have always been an avid amateur writer and artist. Recently, I have written a children’s book which highlights the positives of ADHD: ‘Hadie & Adah’ and I will continue to promote my drawings and blog posts – focusing on positivity and creativity – in future. I truly am proud of my galaxy mind!

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