Hello ADHD!

ADHD was dancing along the street, fuelled by a creative whirlwind, when she bumped into another mind. ‘Hello, great to see you on such a busy day!’ she exclaimed excitedly, watching everything around her with such fascination she found it hard to give the new mind complete attention.

‘Good morning,’ the other mind replied in a somewhat more calm tone, ‘what brings you out today?’

ADHD giggled enthusiastically and watched a squirrel climbing a tree across the park. She looked at the other mind and quickly recalled what he had asked her, before a wonderful pinkish-white cloud caught her attention. ‘I’m out for a walk to see the world,’ she replied, still focused on the cloud which looked incredibly like a fish swimming in an azure pool, ‘my mind is busy and I thought this park might help me find some inner calm.’

The other mind looked confused, although his focus remained on ADHD and he didn’t seem to have noticed the squirrel or the cloud. ‘I am out to clear my mind too,’ he answered softly, ‘I have a meeting to go to in a few minutes and I’m preparing what I need to say.’ ADHD watched as he pulled a paper from his pocket which had a long speech written on it.

‘What’s that?’ ADHD asked, curious about the paper, but also curious about the squirrel, the cloud and, now a brown-spotted dog which was rapidly approaching them.

The other mind folded up the sheet and returned it to his pocket. ‘It’s my speech for the meeting,’ he replied, still totally focused on ADHD, ‘I need to do a presentation today and I need to ensure I am well-prepared. ADHD grinned at him and watched as the dog walked past, its paws making a soft thud as they engaged with the concrete path.

ADHD looked at the other mind and the other mind looked at her. They both smiled at one another and shook hands, aware that they may or may not meet again in the future. ADHD walked away, watching the squirrel (which was now collecting nuts), the cloud (which was now shaped more like a seal pup), the dog (which had stopped to sniff an empty food wrapper), and the other mind (who was now walking away in the opposite direction).

The other mind checked the speech was still in his pocket and walked towards his work, unaware of the squirrel, the cloud and the dog. He wondered who he had just met and felt curious as he crossed the busy street. For just a second, a passing car caught his attention and he smiled as he watched it travel on its journey down the road. ‘I wonder if I’ll ever meet that other mind again?’ he pondered, ‘she seemed happy.’

ADHD sat down on a bench and closed her eyes. Inside, the rainbow of energy bounced around, forming idea after idea in a creative whirlwind of infinite possibility. As the concepts raced, she metaphorically bottled one particular thought which shone golden in the chaos of her imagination. A narrative developed, quickly followed by the urge to write. She sprinted home, her mind alight like a firework on the eve of a New Year and, as she sat down at her computer, on the edge of perfect hyper-focus, she knew what she must write.

Published by Chestnut ADHD

Hello, I’m Annabel and my mind is like a galaxy. Diagnosed with ADHD during lockdown, since then I have made it my mission to inspire other ADHDers to see the positives of living with a ‘galaxy brain’ and educate people about what it is like living with ADHD. I run my own tutoring and coaching business, helping many children with ADHD and dyslexia, and have always been an avid amateur writer and artist. Recently, I have written a children’s book which highlights the positives of ADHD: ‘Hadie & Adah’ and I will continue to promote my drawings and blog posts – focusing on positivity and creativity – in future. I truly am proud of my galaxy mind!

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