ADHD Galaxy & Chestnut ADHD Support

Since being diagnosed with ADHD in July 2020, Annabel has made it her mission to inspire other ADHDers and educate people about what it is like living with ADHD. In addition to running her tutoring businesses, Annabel is also an avid amateur writer and artist.

The Chestnut Coaching & Mentoring Programme is available to young people (aged 5-16 years) with diagnosed or suspected ADHD in session lengths of 20 or 30 minutes. A trained Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, with a certificate accredited by The International Mindfulness and Meditation Association (IMMA), Annabel is also proud to have a Diploma in Life Coaching (with Distinction) as well as a Future Learn certificate in Understanding ADHD: Current Research And Practice.

Annabel has also written an ADHD Awareness children’s book: Hadie & Adah and runs a successful private tuition business, Bedford Tutor. In 2021, Annabel is running a new social-media campaign: “Difference Not Deficit” which aims to highlight the positives of living with an ADHD brain!

Children’s ADHD-Awareness Book

My children’s book is now available on Amazon!

Annabel’s Blog

Loving My ADHD!

Having ADHD can be described as living on a permanent rollercoaster. People often ask me what it feels like to live with this unique neurology and, even though I accept there are many difficulties associated with ADHD, I do prefer to use a strength-based model when explaining how my galaxy brain functions. As a privateContinue reading “Loving My ADHD!”

A Hopeful Future

As Sirk staggered through the sadness of the forest, his eyes fell onto the ground below. Muddy and melancholy, like the dirt of a funeral excavation, the forest floor had the strange effect of pulling you towards it, almost as though it was a hidden black hole about to devour you in its watery clutches.Continue reading “A Hopeful Future”


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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Such a lovely teacher. My son is only 5 and was settled by the 2nd session . My son is usually excited when he knows his session is about to begin.


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