Chestnut ADHD Support

Since being diagnosed with ADHD in July 2020, Annabel has made it her mission to inspire other ADHDers and educate people about what it is like living with ADHD. In addition to running her tutoring and coaching businesses, Annabel is also an avid amateur writer and artist.

The Chestnut Coaching & Mentoring Programme is available to those with diagnosed or suspected ADHD in session lengths of 30 or 45 minutes. A trained Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, with a certificate accredited by The International Mindfulness and Meditation Association (IMMA), Annabel is also proud to have a Diploma in Life Coaching (with Distinction) as well as a Future Learn certificate in Understanding ADHD: Current Research And Practice.

Annabel has also written an ADHD Awareness children’s book: Hadie & Adah and runs a successful Instagram page: #ADHDGalaxy where she displays her poetry and artwork. In 2021, Annabel is running a new social-media campaign: “Difference Not Deficit” which aims to highlight the positives of living with an ADHD brain!

Children’s ADHD-Awareness Book

My children’s book is now available on Amazon!

Annabel’s Blog

The Rebirth: A Legend

Written to Vangelis: Voices On a distant planet, hidden within the spiralling confusion of a far-off universe, stood a mysterious cave. With a mouth pointing out towards the ochre moon-rise, this entrance to the enigmatic spirit of the planet was concealed by its unmemorable exterior, yet known to all who believed in the universal magicContinue reading “The Rebirth: A Legend”


I wrote this poem after suffering a panic attack due to overwhelm and hope it speaks to you, my ADHD Galaxy Brains! Enjoy and please follow me on Instagram: #adhdgalaxy I want to explainWhat it’s like to me be meThe girl in the roomWho has ADHD I can smell every scentI can hear every soundSenseContinue reading “My ADHD”


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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Such a lovely teacher. My son is only 5 and was settled by the 2nd session . My son is usually excited when he knows his session is about to begin.


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